Over Coming Failures

Overcoming Failures

Our comprehensive and result driven methodology uses Growth Mindset as a Key to teaching students how to fail better and that learning happens through failure, effort and hard work.

Fear of failure in students can be crippling, where students begin to avoid challenging work, tasks and reduce their motivation towards wanting to achieve. These results in poor outcomes are all around. Students need to be taught that failure is the precursor to all success and a necessary component of learning. The only way to succeed with tasks, assignments, exams, physical activity, sport and life, in general, is through true grit, persistence and embracing and learning from failures.


MPKP Methodology focuses on the development of a growth mindset in  students and making them learn how to fail well, the language to get there, how to get over it, cope with it and move on to succeed. A growth mindset can be best summed up and understood by the phrase, ‘I can’t do that…YET!’Everyone may not have the same intelligence but everyone can get smarter. In order to help students go from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, we believe in

 Praising their effort and not just the final product. As educators, we need to understand that failure is a necessary part of learning for ourselves and embrace this modus operandi in our classrooms as practitioners. Only when we too model a growth mindset, can we better lead students in learning about using their failures as motivation for learning and ongoing achievement.


MPKP Foster the Development of Growth Mindset in Students through:


  1. Educating Students about the difference between Fixed Mindset and Growth Mindset.
  2. Creating a supportive classroom environment where Persistence, Effort and Mistakes are embraced, analyzed and celebrated.
  3. Setting Learning Goals with Students and Monitoring their Progress.
  4. Praising Effort, Struggle, Persistence, choosing difficult tasks, Learning Strategies, Choices and Improving.




“I just wanted to add my thanks to MPKP. My daughter commented after our meeting that. ‘Now she is excited’ about college planning. Up until now our experience have made her stressed, insecure and overwhelmed. I really appreciate your helping her see this experience can be positive and exciting."


“I wanted to take a moment to express my Thanks to MPKP for counseling my son Satwinder through a difficult time in his life. I saw a visceral Change in his attitude and I truly believe this is the start of something wonderful for him”.

Harbans Singh

“The Training was fantastic. I have learned so many new techniques and Strategies that I want to go back to the classroom to use the ice breakers, tips on Body Language and better Listening Skills. I feel after this training, I am a Stronger Teacher”.

Amrit Kaur (Bright Future Akal Academy)

“I found most helpful in this training how to communicate with the youth relating to them on their level. I now realize how important praise is- it keeps me more positive. I feel prepared to teach Life Skills to the youth I work with. The trainer showed us how to encourage group Discussions and Conduct Interactive Seminars.”

Kirandeep Kaur (SMS School Barara)

A highly impressive Programme that has given teachers an insight into their student’s life and guide them towards a positive career Path.”

Gurpreet Kaur (SMS School Barara)