Relationship Handling

What is Relationship Handling?

The ability to manage, influence and inspire emotions in others. Being able to handle emotions in relationships and the ability to influence and inspire others are essential foundation skills for successful teamwork and leadership. Relationship building is the development of caring, supportive relationships between adults and young people and among young people and their peers Relationship building means that youth workers spend time with young people of any age getting to know them and developing trust. In successful after-school or youth programs, adults respect young people and treat them with courtesy and care. Young people learn to treat each other with respect as well and develop a group identity that includes everyone. Staff members know that building positive trusting relationships with young people is not a separate part of their work, rather an integral part of every activity and interaction.

When faced with storms of emotions, we end up uttering words or taking actions that we regret later. This is because, neither at school nor at home have we been taught how to handle anger, sorrow or any negative emotion. This is where Emotional Intelligence plays a vital role. When we understand the power and role of Emotional Intelligence, we can have a say over our thoughts and our feelings, we can then let go of anger and negative moods at our will.

Just like a seed does not germinate if you scatter it on the surface or if you bury it too deep - it needs to be sown a little beneath the soil so that it can sprout and become a plant. In the same way, expression of love needs moderation and meditation makes this happen effortlessly.

The techniques taught in MPKP Training Program helps you relax and de-stress, become more aware and sensitive towards others in the family, thereby making it easier for you to express yourself better and the other person gets exactly what you want them to understand. A happy mind lets you stay calm; make better decisions and improve the overall quality of life. At MPKP, we focus on building strong relationships between youth and adults and among young people. The Program is intended to build the skills of adults working with young people, especially youth workers in the community and afterschool settings. At MPKP we educate participants on how to handle relationships in a healthy way through EI as well as teach them to Meditate and teach them practical ways on how to empower themselves in such situations.

MPKP Healthy Relationship Training Module Will:

·   Enhance youth understanding of the importance of healthy relationships.

·  Stimulate thinking and discussion about what defines a healthy relationship and the role of power in relationships between adults, between adults and youth, and between youth.

·  Address the abuse of power in bullying and the peer dynamics that surround bullying.

·  Enhance skills in assessment, individual coaching, and group building.

· Use a systemic model to understand and positively influence social climate within a school or other community.


How MPKP Training Methodology benefits students?

 It has been reported that after the successful completion of training, the mutual respect and trust increase between program staff and youth, discipline problems often diminish.

Young people are more likely to voice their ideas and opinions and a sense of group membership is fostered.

Youth workers report that their job satisfaction increases when they develop and foster meaningful relationships within their programs. To form healthy, meaningful relationships youth need.

·The workshop has been shown to significantly improve attendees Knowledge and Confidence in how to promote healthy relationships with children and Youth.

If you are interested in hosting a Healthy Relationships Training Module for your organization, please call us on the below-mentioned numbers 9541032000, 9355327171, 9996012010 for further information or email at:



“I just wanted to add my thanks to MPKP. My daughter commented after our meeting that. ‘Now she is excited’ about college planning. Up until now our experience have made her stressed, insecure and overwhelmed. I really appreciate your helping her see this experience can be positive and exciting."


“I wanted to take a moment to express my Thanks to MPKP for counseling my son Satwinder through a difficult time in his life. I saw a visceral Change in his attitude and I truly believe this is the start of something wonderful for him”.

Harbans Singh

“The Training was fantastic. I have learned so many new techniques and Strategies that I want to go back to the classroom to use the ice breakers, tips on Body Language and better Listening Skills. I feel after this training, I am a Stronger Teacher”.

Amrit Kaur (Bright Future Akal Academy)

“I found most helpful in this training how to communicate with the youth relating to them on their level. I now realize how important praise is- it keeps me more positive. I feel prepared to teach Life Skills to the youth I work with. The trainer showed us how to encourage group Discussions and Conduct Interactive Seminars.”

Kirandeep Kaur (SMS School Barara)

A highly impressive Programme that has given teachers an insight into their student’s life and guide them towards a positive career Path.”

Gurpreet Kaur (SMS School Barara)