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A Sip Of Gratitude

We are literally living on a complaining planet today. From the time we wake up until the time we fall asleep, we are constantly reeling under this complaint cycle. We moan over changing other people’s lives because somewhere deep down we feel that they are not standing up our expectations. The cobwebs of misogyny that are becoming one shade darker, the whining and grumbling has made us grouchy and an unending product of hatred from everyone. Have we ever sought what exactly we are doing with our lives and what we as humans are offering to the world? Despite heaps of talks and discussions, books, articles and daily newspapers broaching about humanity and moral values, do we really feel that we are practicing it or is it just sipping a coffee along with the newspaper and passing our morning time.

Even if all this while, we have been doing this, the good news is that it’s never too late to mend our actions and act on it right now.

Let‘s not build up a complaining economy anymore, rather shift our focus on building up an economy full of gratitude.  Yes, I mean can we be just thankful for all the great things we have in our life at this very moment.

I feel that consistently carrying this complaint vessel makes us weak and paralyzed to such an extent, that by the time we realize, this would put a brake on your life permanently. So the wise step would be to hold on and pause for a moment and start nurturing a garden of gratitude. That would spread joy, fulfillment, and abundance.

How can we join the gratitude camp and savor the fragrance?

1.Morning Time: Perhaps, this is the first and indeed an incredible moment, to start with gratitude. Be thankful for another beautiful day of your life that God has showered upon you. Thank for the breath that you take and the very reason that you are alive. Thank God that you are walking on your own feet without anyone’s help.Perhaps, this is the first and indeed an incredible moment, to start with gratitude. Be thankful for another beautiful day of your life that God has showered upon you. Thank for the breath that you take and the very reason that you are alive. Thank God that you are walking on your own feet without anyone’s help.

Initially, it might sound a bit of boring and a tedious task. This is because throughout our life we keep our eyes on bigger things and become oblivion of small and precious blessings in our life. But once you start with, believe me, you would find your life worth living. I would say that teach this ‘lifeblood skill’ to children as well, who are the future transformers.

2.My Gratitude Journal: What a splendid idea of maintaining a journal and jotting down all the things that you have been grateful for. I have been reading regarding this gratitude journal many times and found a bit boring and not a worthy stuff. However, now that I have been practicing it daily for quite a while now, this potent stuff has added spark in my life with good things happening every day to me. I wish I could have started it earlier. Anyways, I am still highly grateful for this and wish that it does wonders in everyone’s life too. It is also a fantastic idea for children to help them build a gratitude journal. All the day we have been constantly yelling and telling them to study and get good marks. Nevertheless, take out time for this gesture as well and notice the significant changes that it brings in their life. All in all, they become happy, lively, enthusiastic and resilient.

3.Express thankfulness for the small stuff too: It is true that being grateful for the things in life has a tremendous impact on the well being and is a path to a wholesome life. One of the best ways you can be full of gratitude is to not only being thankful in momentous occasions, even a small pie of delicious pie would work. The key here is to notice several times in a day, the little new things that are happening to us and add joy to our life.It could also be our daily food that we eat. Many times, we are so much engrossed in our doldrums that we forget to thank for the food that has been cooked and served at our table, the different varieties, the conditions under which it has been prepared. So make sure the next time you binge onto your meal, thank the lord for the same, as there are plenty of other people who are just wishing for the same.

 4.Thank you party: Going by the latest trends of today, we have been throwing so many parties and spending extravagantly. What about the Thank you Party? The best part about this party is that you don’t have to spend anything as it’s all about feelings and emotions- that are priceless. Once in a month do engage in Thank you party with your friends, family members, and children and open your heart to express your gratitude to them and make them feel special. This would be an iconic moment of your life that will surely be registered in your life book. Research shows that such noble gestures of thanking are known to boost the immune system as well. Leads to better sleep, and keeps you happy forever. So cancel all your costly trips that you might have planned to explore the world and that in fact lead to a sobering realization in the end.Rather, immerse yourself deeply into this sea of gratitude and experience the dynamism.


 So what are you waiting for? Start preparing the invitations now and have a gala time of your life.

With Gratitude

Living a purposeful life.


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